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Aesthetic surgeries, also known as cosmetic surgery, are a type of surgery that is performed to improve the appearance of a person. Aesthetic surgery is usually optional, meaning it is not medically necessary most of the time, but rather chosen by the patient for personal reasons. In addition, there may be cases where plastic surgery is necessary. These conditions include mainly congenital abnormalities and post-burn restoration procedures.


Plastic and Reconstructive  

Plastic surgery is a type of surgery that is focused on repairing or reconstructing defects or abnormalities in the body. This can include both aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. Reconstructive surgery is a kind of plastic surgery that is performed to correct functional impairments, such as those caused by burns, trauma, or birth defects.

Reconstruction surgeons are tasked with performing reconstructive surgery on any part of the body and are often asked to improve functionality and correct physical abnormalities. The word "reconstructive" means the repair or rebuilding of something that has been damaged or destroyed. Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, limb salvage, facial reconstruction such as orthognathic surgery,  and hand procedures are a few examples of reconstructive surgery. In the scope of reconstructive surgery, there are treatments such as cleft lip and palate repair, lymphedema surgery, migraine surgery, as well as the treatment of many diseases related to trauma, cancer or infection.

In general, plastic and reconstructive surgery is performed by plastic surgeons who have completed additional training in these specialized areas. Plastic surgeons work with patients to create a procedural plan of treatment that is customized to fit their specific goals and objectives. A wide range of techniques and procedures may be used by the surgeons, including surgery, skin grafts, and tissue expansion, to achieve the desired results.

In today's world, aesthetic operations are of great importance in the treatment of serious cases such as traumatic limb loss, burns, and in the treatment of many diseases that reduce the quality of life. Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery is also preferred with some social indications such as improving the mood of the patients. Many procedures such as hair transplantation, breast and nose surgeries, and botox are in the field of aesthetic surgery.

The most preferred and popular operations are mainly:


Burn Surgery

Types of burns that are among the most severe traumas include chemical, thermal or electrical burns. There are first, second and third degree burns according to the depth. Superficial burns are first degree, and deep burns are usually third degree. Since burns are systemic injuries, they can cause rapid and life-threatening damage to organs. Although emergency intervention in burns is very valuable in preventing serious complications, surgical treatment is also important, especially in minimizing permanent damage. General treatment of burn wounds and scars is carried out in plastic surgery clinics. Burn surgery, which is one of the treatments for repair and aesthetic purposes, can give more positive results if applied in the early period. The most common late complication in burn patients is the formation of scar tissue and skin bands that restrict movement in the joint area called contracture. Tissue expander applications, skin graft or flap repair alternatives are aesthetic and plastic surgery applications in the treatment of scar and contracture.

Hair Transplantation

Hair follicles are moved from a donor site to a recipient site during a surgical process known as hair transplantation. The treatment is frequently used to regrow hair in balding or thinning scalp areas. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove a strip of skin from the donor site or extract individual hair follicles using a specialized tool. The recipient site is where the hair follicles that were newly planted will grow new hair.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical treatment used to increase the size or alter the contour of the breasts. Breast implants or fat grafting may be used. The procedure is often performed to enhance the appearance of the breasts, improve symmetry, or to restore volume that may have been lost due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. Two types of implants are used in breast surgery: silicone and saline. Silicone implants are commonly used, but they are less likely to look natural. Saline implants are more likely to sag and rupture. Breast prosthesis surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. The operation begins by making an incision on the side or under the breast and ends with the positioning of the breast implant, then suturing the incision and closing it with a dressing. The procedure usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Face lift

A facelift is a surgical operation that tightens the skin and underlying tissues to enhance and add to the aesthetic value of the face. The technique can aid in lessening the visibility of wrinkles, sagging skin, and other aging symptoms. Depending on the patient's demands and objectives, a facelift procedure may be performed on the lower face, the mid-face, or the complete face. Incisions must be made in the skin to gain access to the underlying tissues during the surgery, which is frequently carried out under general anesthesia. The face plastic surgeons will then tighten and reposition the tissues and remove excess skin as necessary.

Lips Surgery

Lip surgery is performed to alter the appearance or function of the lips. In cosmetic surgery, lip surgery may be performed to enhance the appearance of the lips by altering their size, shape, or symmetry. This can include procedures such as lip augmentation, which involves the use of dermal fillers or implants to increase the volume of the lips, or lip reduction, which involves the removal of excess tissue to reduce the size of the lips.


Rhinoplasty is popularly called a nose job. It is a surgical procedure that is undertaken for the purpose of altering the appearance of your nose or its functionality. This can involve operations to make the nose smaller, alter the tip's appearance, or adjust the angle at which the nose meets the upper lip. Additionally, rhinoplasty can be done to treat functional issues with the nose, like a deviated septum or a blocked nasal passage.

The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and involves making incisions in the skin to access the underlying structures of the nose. The surgeon will then reshape the bones and cartilage of the nose as necessary to accomplish the desired results. In some cases, the surgeon may also use grafts or implants to add structure or volume to the nose.


In order to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and other aging signs like facial fine lines, Botox is a popular, non-invasive cosmetic surgery. It functions by momentarily numbing the wrinkle-causing muscles, giving the skin a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

When injected into the muscles of the face, botox blocks the release of acetylcholine, a chemical that is involved in muscle contraction. This temporary paralysis of the muscles reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, particularly on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.

The procedure is relatively quick. The surgeon will clean the skin before injecting Botox in significant but small amounts into the specific or required target area, using a fine and precise needle. The procedure should take no more than a half hour and is usually well tolerated by patients. The effects of Botox generally last for about 3-4 months, after that time the procedure can be repeated.


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Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgeries can be powerful tools for improving the appearance, function, and quality of life of individuals. Whether you are considering a procedure to enhance your appearance or to correct a functional impairment, it is important to carefully research your options and choose a qualified and experienced surgeon.

The Türkiye Ministry of Health established USHAŞ as a government-affiliated organization to facilitate medical tourism and promote the international health services provided in Türkiye. The aim of the initiative, which serves under the name of HealthTürkiye, is to support and coordinate the efforts of both the private and public sectors in the field of health tourism. With highly specialized and experienced health professionals and health institutions equipped with advanced technology, Türkiye continues its efforts to become a preferred center worldwide for all popular aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive operations. Every plastic and reconstructive surgery department in Türkiye cares about working with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals.

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