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USHAŞ is an international healthcare service that handles multiple operations to make the medical healthcare system viable for international visitors to Türkiye. People worldwide can benefit from healthcare services in Türkiye if they are informed about the well-managed healthcare system managed by many official wings. The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye work together to make the healthcare system in Türkiye a smooth and accessible entity for natives and tourists.


Understanding Our Mission

USHAS is an international healthcare service to develop the health sector locally and internationally. Creating satisfied and happy medical tourists is what makes us stand out; it requires a commitment to understanding the requirements of patients from abroad. Building the proper infrastructure, providing better medical facilities, expanding transportation options, and so on are part of accomplishing the goal of serving people well and ensuring good-quality service. The growth of health tourism has opened up numerous opportunities for making this goal come true and providing a win-win situation for Türkiye's tourism and tourists.

A significant part of this mission is accomplished by removing confusion, anxiety, and surprise from the planning and execution of a healthcare trip. We desire to surpass our patient’s expectations by locating and guiding the most promising healthcare solution for them.


What Is Our Role in Türkiye's Medical Healthcare Industry?

The government of Türkiye has been investing in the healthcare sector and has been implementing policies to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in the country. The main goal of USHAŞ is to promote the services provided in the area of international health services in Türkiye. We closely work with the Ministry of Health to frame a well-defined structure on health tourism should be established to bring harmony between services and international patients. USHAŞ assists in coordinating the public and private sectors' efforts to promote health tourism, and provides advice to the Ministry on policies and strategies for such services as well as service delivery standards and accreditation standards.

Our focus is not just to offer the best medical advisory service but rather a facilitation service that will fulfill our patients needs at full throttle. Though we do not have a physician-patient relationship with our patients, we form a bond between the patients and doctors in Türkiye. We help them make decisions and direct them to quality Türkiye clinics that work with us. We always advise that they pursue the advice of a qualified healthcare professional regarding their medical condition and base their decision on the healthcare professional's recommendation before embarking on a medical trip abroad.


The benefits of medical tourism include the following:

  • Medical procedures are available at reasonable prices from established certified healthcare facilities and expert physicians.
  • Expansion in health thermal tourism businesses and implement pivotal projects with an extensive network of operations and professionals.


Medical Tourism Corporation accomplishes this goal by:

  • We pay attention to our visitor’s needs.
  • Touch base with international health tourists constantly from the commencement and end of the process.
  • Even before the trip, set clear expectations by communicating with the patient, the medical experts, or the medical facility.
  • Learning from the experiences of previous visitors and addressing any drawbacks by collecting feedback.
  • Building alliances with the world's top tourism operators.


Türkiye has developed modern and advanced healthcare infrastructure, with many state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics that are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced medical professionals.  Many of the hospitals and clinics in Türkiye are accredited by international organizations such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which gives patients confidence that they are receiving high-quality care.


The Ministry of Health in Türkiye

The Türkiye Ministry of Health is concerned with the country's major diseases and health issues and improving the health of Türkiye. It became an associate member of the UICC in April 2009. It emphasizes leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing all diseases, including cancer, by providing helpful information and advising people about the importance of getting proper medical care at the right time.

Collecting data regarding diseases and maintaining a registry for analysis, and epidemiological studies, developing Türkiye's disease control policies and national program on behalf of the Ministry of Health, prevention and screening programs through early diagnosis and screening centers, and setting up treatment protocols for various types of disease, including palliative care are the primary objectives aimed in Türkiye healthcare.


Presidency and Presidency's "Century of Türkiye" Vision

HealthTürkiye was established as an umbrella brand for Türkiye's powerful healthcare system. HealthTürkiye is a significant part of this vision, ensuring that the essential duties are carried out seamlessly and aiding patients in the right direction. HealthTürkiye will give Türkiye a promotional advantage on the international stage. HealthTürkiye will make life easier for those seeking treatment in Türkiye by bringing all accredited institutions within a click's distance. There are functions for requesting information, requesting a treatment plan.


USHAŞ: Making Healthcare Communities Thrive

USHAŞ is a groundbreaking initiative to bring comprehensive and high-quality health care services to international visitors in Türkiye. It is run on an impressive model that makes efficient use of a wide range of government and private healthcare institutions, allowing people from all over the globe to avail of specialized medical services as per their needs. All one needs to know is the information which USHAŞ provides: the quality of service, cost estimates and the processes involved in accessing healthcare assistance. USHAŞ is sure to help many individuals who may be contemplating taking a trip overseas but have doubts due to health concerns.

Türkiye has thus been established as a reputable and reliable destination for medical treatment and it continues to attract a growing number of patients from all around the world. With robust support and backup from the government, USHAŞ is the first and last thing you should look for in Türkiye's healthcare. Besides being highly reliable in managing a large medical city with numerous accredited hospitals and diagnostic centers for improving health in Türkiye, we also have proven expertise in supply management systems. Collecting health tourism data and framing strategic objectives around the data are some of the significant activities of USHAŞ.

Overall, we play a vital role in Türkiye’s healthcare system and are committed to improving the health and well-being of communities across the country.


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