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Besides being among the top countries with the strongest health system, you can find below some reasons on why you should choose Türkiye as your health destination.

  • Geographical Location
  • Modern Medical Technology
  • No Waiting Time
  • Qualified Staff
  • Quality Service
  • Rich and Diverse Tourist Activities
  • No Language Barrier
  • Direct Flights from more than 200 destinations
  • Cost Effective Treatment

''HealthTürkiye''®, a trademark brand of International Health Services Ltd. (USHAŞ), an official affiliate company of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Türkiye, is the sole official representative of Türkiye's entire health system.

''HealthTürkiye'', the official platform of Türkiye to render international health care services, has been established to help our guests living outside Türkiye and planning to visit Türkiye to receive healthcare services. While our purpose is to serve the people and planet, through our robust health infrastructure, advanced technical equipments, qualified health professionals and quality services, we are also here to eliminate the stress and confusion in planning and organizing of medical travels.

We serve as one stop shop encompassing the steps of your entire health journey such as facilitation of discounted plane tickets, supporting your health visa application, arranging your accommodation and transfers, and planning your health care treatment including your follow-ups.  The international patients can choose their best fıt treatment program online from the hospitals, check the cost of the treatment and order it at its best price.

You can select upto maximum of 5 hospitals to seek treatment and request their treatment plan and treatment offer accordingly. The responsible hospitals will respond back to your treatment plan and offer request within a period of 72 hours (weekends and national holidays excluded). You can select and confirm your treatment plan is best suited for your among the options received.

Once you book and complete the prepayment for your treatment from our website, you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Health visa convenience
  • Discount code for your Turkish Airlines Ticket
  • Use of Türkiye Airlines International CIP Lounge upon your departure from Istanbul Airport
  • Access to 24/7 call center which operates in English, Arabic, Russian, Persian, German and French to address your complaints and/or enquiries.

Officially supported by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Türkiye, ''HealthTürkiye''®, provides information and services under the guarantee of the responsible ministries. In this context, we assure our patients, guarantee in the quality of services rendered and treatments carried out.

Additionally, the content of the website is also supervised by an Advisory Board whose members are from the public and private sector of Türkiye.

Prepared with reference to the “Human Rights and Biomedicine “ Convention (Strasbourg November 1996- Ovideo 4 April 1997) , in Türkiye “Patients Rights Regulations” apply to all public and private institutions and organizations, health care institutions and organizations, all or other levels of participation in the service and all persons who have the right to benefit from the service. Under the relevant article, it is  clearly stated that all individual physicians and medical institutions/organizations in Türkiye have malpractice insurance. In case of any incorrect treatment and subsequent permanent or temporary damage, the patient shall have the right to complain and will be entitled to receive compensation.

Some formal agreements on the treatment of certain diseases in some states and Türkiye are available. However, these treatments are performed in certain hospitals. You will have to consult the hospital you are planning to visit for your treatment prior to your treatment plan.

Thu services as remote health (tele-medicine) regulations of the Republic of Türkiye, you can contact the hospital to enquire about the business that you have selected, or you are planning to provide such services they select.

You can view the languages available on the hospitals pages on this website. However, on the other side, upon your request, the hospital which you will be visiting for your treatment will be helping you in arranging a translator. 

Different types of payment and currencies are accepted by different hospitals and are published in the hospital's page accordingly on this website.

Türkiye is listed among the top countries with the strongest health system. Backed by its robust health infrastructure, qualified health professionals and quality services, Türkiye offers full range treatment for any disease ranging from A to Z. You can look up the hospitals that offer the treatment you seek through our advanced search engine.

After your request to the hospital which you will be visiting for your treatment will be helping you in arranging your accommodation prior to your treatment.

After your request to the hospital which you will be visiting for your treatment will be helping you in arranging your flight plan. However, once you approve your treatment from our website, you will be receiving a discount code which can be used in getting discounted tickets for your travel plan through Türkiye Airlines.

After your request to the hospital which you will be visiting for your treatment will be assisting you in arranging your transfers within Türkiye... 

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